Once Upon a Mistletoe
Love Unscripted Book 2

This year, under the mistletoe, the leading man of aspiring playwright Yardley Lemmon's Christmas play will rewrite their relationship forever.


Aspiring playwright Yardley Lemmon's wildest fantasy is about to come true: her play has been chosen for Sweetgum, Ohio's annual Christmas production. The bad news? It will star the mayor's son, Nick Conrad, her teenage crush and the worst prom date on the planet, whom she hasn't seen since he left their small town years ago to become an actor. Once again, Yardley's hopes and dreams are in his strong yet fickle hands. There's no way she'll let anything go wrong.


Nick Conrad has never forgotten Yardley. The memory of what they could have had together, but for his role in that prom night disaster, has kept him from finding true happiness with anyone else. He suddenly has a chance to make things right. His job is clear: Make her wonderful play a huge success. Then steal her heart and claim what should have been his all along. All it will take is one moment beneath the mistletoe.

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